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His murderer? Guest star Wil Wheaton. The sophomore season for this '80s-tastic sitcom about a family that manages to outshout and outgrump even, say, the folks of "Married With Children," of which it is reminiscent. Trivia: Showrunner Adam yep Goldberg has loosely based the show on his own childhood. A small town in Missouri was in for a shock when their deceased loved ones started popping up like, la-di-dah, just another day in the life of a formerly dead person.

Season 2 will focus on unraveling the mystery of just how, exactly, this is happening. Notables: Omar Epps is a standout as Marty Bellamy, an immigrations and customs agent.

Trick or Zombie

The show that pretty much blew our minds back in the halcyon days of early reality TV c. Chew on that. A brand-new show based on your favorite characters from DC Comics. A sitcom about Annie and Jake, a couple that is trying to see past the Signs botched proposals, zany miscommunications and get married, maybe, someday. Back for a second season, this take on the popular Nick Hornby novel previously adapted on the big screen in the Hugh Grant vehicle features a man with Peter Pan syndrome, a little boy who sees him eye-to-eye, and a mother giving them all the skeptical side-eye.

Marilyn Manson and Lea Michelle "Glee" will both guest star, presumably in separate storylines, as a neo-Nazi and truck stop waitress, respectively. Showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have kept us on our toes for the past three self-contained, creepy-as-heck seasons with haunted mansions "Murder House" , insane asylums "Asylum" and witchy women "Coven". Michael Chikilis rounds out the cast.

The plot a college dropout fakes his way into a Big Law job is negligible but the banter is relentless, and it will make you either groan or squeal with delight depending on your temperament. Notables: Gabriel Macht and Patrick J.


Adams, those handsome devils, reprise their roles as Harvey and Mike. Trivia: The show is known for its copious movie references -- the trope even has its own Tumblr. Notables: The Robertsons, beards, and controversial views on basically everything that is holy. Trivia: Mama June is afraid of mayonnaise.

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In Season 1, FBI agent-with-a-dark-past Paul Briggs was tasked with training newbie Levi Warren, but it turns out that Warren is also tasked with investigating his mentor. Season 2 is in progress, and the dynamics of the house are quickly changing. Trivia: You might recognize Aaron Tveit from his roles as the preppy, sinister Tripp van der Bilt on "Gossip Girl" and the tragic, idealistic Enjolras in the film adaptation of "Les Miserables. For the uninitiated: this is where all the C-list wrestlers get to show off their stuff by getting fairly pummeled by the more marquee types.

Distrustful of the local authorities, self-appointed Amish heavies protect their own in Lancaster County. Piper Perabo continues at the helm as field operative Annie Walker and Christopher Gorham is still her handler, a blind CIA military intelligence officer.

Notables: Perabo, Gorham "Ugly Betty". Peter Gallagher and Amy Jo Johnson both have recurring roles. In the midst of its second season, this is more than your average buddy-cop show. Matthew Lillard! Because no topic is too taboo for reality television, TLC has renewed this show about polygamy. They live in -- where else? Trivia: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Williams has recently filed for bankruptcy. Based in Hicksville, N. Is she for real? Do we care? Will we watch? Who knows, no and yes. Trivia: Want a personal reading with Caputo?

Notables: Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Padma Lakshmi remain judges along with Hugh Acheson Seasons , but this year, former contestant and noted nice guy Richard Blais will join them at the table. Trivia: This season will mark the first-ever meal served on the field underneath the Green Monster at Fenway Park. Mommies and kiddos shimmy, shake, claw and jazz-hand their way to mini-stardom.

No pressure, girls! Trivia: Every week, Abby Lee Miller makes a pyramid that shows which girls and their mothers did the best that week -- an invention of the showrunners, not Miller herself. The famed ventriloquist comes back to Comedy Central with some old favorites and a host of new characters. Based on the surprisingly long-lived and absorbing BBC show about cars.

Victoria Gotti will again be a guest, because of course. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Notables: Ramsay and his enormous ego; pots and pans. Notables: Viola Davis "The Help" plays the professor. Another "NCIS"! Notables: Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the cast as a series regular.

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This is a show that is also still on television. Another pretty USA show about private doctors who cater to the rich and famous in the Hamptons. Notables: Mark Feuerstein recurs his role as Dr. Hank Lawson. Notables: John Cena is back in action! Join us as we explore the amazing adaptations of animals who call the jungle home. N events sure to combat the summer boredom blues. We look forward to seeing you!

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Getting a great book for free! This summer, Bookmans is helping you stock up on all the books you can handle — and help you pay it forward too with Bookmans Summer Reads. From June…. June is Pride Month! One of the major ways that support can extend further is to share books and films that…. Music is a beautiful thing. Many audiophiles spend a lot of time listening to their favorite songs over and over again, memorizing every word.

What if we told you that there are some famous songs out there with incredibly bizarre backgrounds? They are the destination, and the journey. They are home. The man who never reads lives only one. Tucson, AZ Ina Rd. Events NorthwestEvents Bookmans. Phoenix, AZ Flagstaff, AZ Want to work in a fun, diverse setting where your fellow employees share that same passion? Apply today! Bookmans is built on a set of core values. Learn what Bookmans is all about.! Looking for a specific store or point of contact? Current Month. Sort By:. Event Type :. Event Location:. Event Tag. England Building Aaahh!!!

Bookington B. Black Mr. Hyde Dr. Dog Dr. Seuss Dr. Strange dr. Wells H. Lovecraft H. Abrams J. Rowling J. Cain James Patterson James R. Frank Baum L. Henderson M. Scott Peck M. Carey M.

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Nature Mrs. Dalloway mrs. Crumb R. Nick St.

Patrick St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day Craft st. Padmanabhan T. Rex T. Event Details Tucson Reptile Museum will be on hand with real live turtles and other fascinating creatures. Time Wednesday am - am. Event Details Summer is here and with it comes sunshine, creek days, hikes and "oh my gosh someone please get these kids out of my house" summer boredom woes.

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Event Details Deep in the rain forest, life can be hard. Time Wednesday pm - pm. Bookie Blog , Inspiration , Reel Chat 0.