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That said, it's such a privilege being able to inspire people. I am so lucky to be in the position I'm in right now and never want to take that for granted. I would also like to really showcase my queer Canadian brothers and sisters in any way I can. And of course, World Peace ;. Monica Bill Barnes is one of the funniest choreographers working today.

History of Salsa Music & Dance

And though the style of physical humor she's crafted with her frequent collaborator Anna Bass could elicit laughs even in dead silence, the pair's antics are often supplemented with—or juxtaposed against—music choices that feel both unexpected and yet somehow perfectly fitting. It turns out that music plays a significant role in Barnes' creative process, too: Even songs that don't end up in her shows help her develop material and figure out the tone of a work. Barnes talked to us about her relationship with music, and made us a playlist of songs that "feel supportive in nature," she says.

Though the first dance degree was awarded more than 85 years ago, the focus of dance programs in higher education has stayed, for the most part, pretty much the same: Western dance forms dominate curriculums across the country, with ballet and modern classes reigning particularly supreme. Over the last several years, however, some colleges have begun thinking critically about what kind of dance they're teaching—and how they teach it. They're ushering in a new wave of dance in higher ed, with the hope that their approach—bringing African diaspora and urban forms to the fore, forging connections with other fields, degendering ballet—might be a catalyst for others.

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What was your journey from ballet student to drag queen? How do you define what drag is to you? How did the name Brooke Lynn come about? I've had four drag names. Did you have a moment when everything clicked and you thought, "Drag could legit be my full-time career right now"? What was your upbringing like? Inquiring ballerinas want to know: What's worse—needing a bathroom break when you're in full ballet costume with tutu and tights, or in full tucked, pulled and padded drag?

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What did you take from the ballet world into your life as a drag performer? What would you bring back from the drag world if you ever joined a dance company again? You are becoming a role model to many. How does that feel? Related Articles Around the Web. If you like us online, you'll love us in print! Keep reading Show less.

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