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Mars is a very powerful force that works as a repellent unlike Venus which works as attractant. Mars spells are used for repelling unwanted customers and anything that is not wanted in the business. Mars spells can also be used to punish un-paying customers, gossip-spreading individuals and rivals who try to harm the business in unjustified ways for example, people who spread fake rumors.

It is also a viciously powerful spell to reverse harmful Magick against you if any of your competitors tried to harm you using metaphysical means. In that case, Mars amplifies their Magick and reverses it back to them while destroying their protections. The more injustice your competitors did, the more Mars will hit them.

Combined with Saturn spell, it can easily completely destroy anyone who was trying harming you in unjustified ways or someone who was using Magick against you. When doing work against competition or punishment aka: going dark , use these spells with extreme caution and make sure you know what you are doing, otherwise they can easily fire back against you.

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Do them only with universal truth and if someone really harmed your business really unjustified way. Do not do self lying or denial, knowing that your competitor may be right. This is nearly a guaranteed way to cause self-destruction and destruction of your business.

Mars candles are burnt on Tuesday, preferably at night. Mars has a very powerful energy. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. Therefore, whenever you are ready to expand your business, burn Jupiter candles. Whenever you release new product or service, burn a Jupiter candle for better success with your new release. Jupiter will help you to take your new expansion to the next level. Jupiter candles are burnt on Thursday, preferably at noon.

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  • Jupiter governs businesses in following niches: Spirituality, charities, finances, growth and expansion, investments and abundance. Every business needs some form of advertising and Mercury is a planet that governs marketing and advertising. It is a planet of all sorts of communication: written, spoken, designed, art…. Whenever you launch a new advertising project or do any form of advertising, boost it with Mercury spells. Saturn is one of the feared planets. Not most feared, but feared pretty well.

    the Secrets of Planetary Magic

    And there are reasons why. Here, I will tech you some secrets of how to make Saturn spells work for your business and make it prosper. If you own a physical business, then Saturn is an excellent spell to help you to support your buildings against unnecessary repairs, damages, theft, etc.

    Let me tell you a little secret — the reason PlutoCraft is doing so well is because we never fired any sneakily ant-competitor spells as well as never did any shady business. So, Saturn is on our side. Saturn is a planet of wisdom. It perfectly understands that we all do mistakes, most of them — unintentionally. The good thing about Saturn is that it does not punish against that. It punishes only against direct attacks. But what if you did?

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    Then, most likely, you and your business is getting hit with Karma on some level and you may not be aware of that. My best suggestion is to contact us for a process called Karma Clearing. Let me tell you a quick story.

    Venus + Planetary Influences Ritual - Hell Notes for Beauty

    We had a client once who was getting well over millions using out help. He was doing everything right, following our advice…. So, Saturn can be your best friend or one of the worst enemies — you choose! The harder they will try to fight it — the harder they will be automatically hit.

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    It can get to the point where Saturn will destroy their lives, unless they learn a lesson. Just do your best and Saturn will cover you like a lightest angel! Even if you do some unintentional mistakes! It can take your business to such high levels, that your imagination will have a hard time to comprehend all of that!

    Planetary Magic 6: Jupiter and Expansion

    And one of the best things about Sun spells — they are happiest spells to work with because Sun itself is happiness! You can light up your whole business venture with Sun candles and prosperity will be just a matter of time assuming you are doing what you suppose to be doing. Little secret about charging Sun candles: obviously, the best charge is a direct placement under the Sun for 2 hours. But you can also place Sun candle under a lit light bulb for 20 minutes. Just make sure that the hear of the light buld reaches the candle. When it comes to business, Moon is a planet of flow. Some things come in, some come out.

    Moon are also great candles for business imagination, intuition and creativity. They connect you on a deeper emotional level with your business. Before we begin, I want you to get a bit intimate with Uranus — it is a planet that rules open marriages and open relationships. But when it comes to business, it puts severe limitations. Businesses suffer. Business owners try to pull their best but slowly, business goes down and down.

    The only issue with that, at fits, you may not like what happens. But then, you will see the blessings. Remember: he or she does not see the FULL picture. Uranus can connect such a business to special Universal portals and bring over-flood of customers. And he or she had to go.

    Here is a problem of working with Uranus: you have to have faith in yourself, Universe and God. Most think that Neptune is a planet of illusions. Neptune is another external and very powerful aid in business: when you have pure intentions, it connects your business to special portals and magnetically attracts the right customers for you.

    But just like Saturn, Neptune can punish a dishonest business with layers of illusions and confusions. Sure, it rules transformations, regeneration, cutting ties and all of that, but we are talking about business in here. And instead of me explaining much about Pluto, let me give you some examples of how you can use it.

    But if you have pure intentions, Pluto will be your best friend , defending you on many reals, visible and invisible. Two of these manuscripts have never b He'll show up just when we least want him, to embarrass us on a first date, to prove us fools in front of the learned company we're trying to impress, to make us miss a power breakfast with that all-important business contact. The Complete Mystical Records of Dr. Gnosis The Trickster. Quick Search. Description Secrets of Planetary Ritual is the first English translation of the authentic planetary invocations of the Harranian Sabians from the most famous of astrological grimoires, the Picatrix.

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    Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Secrets of Planetary Magic by Christopher Warnock. The Secrets of Planetary Magic is an excellent introduction to traditional planetary magic by Christopher Warnock, the leading astrological magician and a master traditional astrologer. It contains insights gleaned from a decade of practice and study of traditional planetary magic and is an excellent introduction to traditional astrological magic.

    The Secrets of Planetary The Secrets of Planetary Magic is an excellent introduction to traditional planetary magic by Christopher Warnock, the leading astrological magician and a master traditional astrologer. The Secrets of Planetary Magic explains the theory of planetary magic, the planetary hours and planetary hour elections, advanced planetary magic and contains a complete set of seven planetary images for talismans and planetary talisman consecration instructions.