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These data sets, which cover even the most remote areas of Earth, are freely and openly available to anyone. The four program elements of ESD design the science and technology, launch airborne and space missions, analyze the data and observations, and develop ways to put the information to use for societal benefit. ESD also sponsors research and extends science and technology education to learners of all ages, inspiring the next generation of explorers.

More than collecting the data, however, ESD works with government and commercial partners in the U.

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Earth science research also helps advance space exploration by helping scientists recognize the basic markers for life across the universe. Decadal Survey Resources Decadal Snapshot. Community Forums. Presentations and Other Materials.

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Climate Variability and Change. The black rhino population is nearly extinct, and the four other species of rhinos found in Africa and Asia are disappearing at an astounding rate due to black market demand for their horns, which some very dumb people still believe can increase male virility.

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Giraffes are known for their long necks, but these animals also have large hearts - about the size of a basketball - which are needed to fight against the force of gravity. But it's not only the physical laws of nature that giraffes have to worry about. There are more kangaroos in Australia than humans a group of kangaroos is called a mob. However, increased temperatures and domestic livestock production threatens Australia's iconic species. Through their dung, they disperse seeds spreading both plants and important food resources for other species.

Unfortunately, their contributions as environmental caretakers and great intelligence are gravely undervalued, and they are increasingly threatened by hunters looking to sell ivory on the black market. Before unleashing their odorous attack, skunks will stomp their feet, click their teeth, and even do a warning dance to scare away potential threats.


Unfortunately, though, there are some threats that a spray won't help with. Found in a variety of habitats, ranging from woods to plains to deserts, skunks are threatened with habitat destruction, increasing conflict with humans and pets.

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Wolves are apex predators -- the top of the food chain -- so they are vitally important in maintaining healthy ecosystems. A great example is Yellowstone park, which was severely degraded because of a lack of wolves. When reintroduced, the wolves quickly reduced the overpopulation of deer that had been stripping all tree leaves, and the wild aspen trees returned along with beavers and other animals.

You may see small squirrels every day but one of the largest squirrels — the Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel -- has been on the endangered species list since This listing by IUCN helped justify protected coastal habitat areas in North America, giving them a chance to bounce back.

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Just as populations are beginning to stabilize, they are once again threatened by rising sea-levels due to climate change. Przewalski's horse, resembling a domesticated pony, is found today in Mongolia and China and is considered the only species of horse never to be domesticated. The species was nearly wiped out after WWII and was considered extinct in the wild, but successful breeding and reintroduction programs have saved this endangered animal, though they are still threatened by agricultural encroachment. Some of the tiniest organisms on Earth, like viruses and bacteria, can actually do a lot of damage.

Lurking beneath the icy permafrost layer of the Arctic tundra are trillions of these organisms. Climate change is dramatically increasing temperatures in the Arctic, causing the permafrost to melt.

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A recent outbreak of Anthrax in Russia was traced back to an ancient reindeer carcass exposed to the bacteria that had thawed out. The adorable koala exists only in Australia, and an adult eats up to a pound of eucalyptus leaves per day. Loss of habitat causes stress to koalas, often resulting in chlamydia, which can cause infertility, making it difficult to repopulate.

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Koalas are listed by the IUCN as one of the 10 most vulnerable species to climate change as increased temperatures and drought push them out of their habitat. Humans are the most populous large mammal on Earth, there are over 7. While we are capable of amazing things like landing on the moon and creating the internet we are also permanently damaging our planet.

But we can change that. The next two years are going to be super important for our planet with two major United Nations conventions coming up at the end of — one on Climate Change change and one on Biological Diversity. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will distribute this support to specific organizations across three pillars connected to solving climate change—nature, energy and farming. Learn more about the organizations below or head to the store and pick up some Earth merch. Join the Earth Earth by Lil Dicky. Lil Dicky's Friends. IMOmeteors amsmeteors pic. EDT Saturday. Of course, the same-day notice provided in the case of MO wouldn't be too helpful in making preparations if it were a much bigger asteroid smacking into the sky.

Fortunately NASA and other agencies have mandated goals to work toward tracking as many of the biggest rocks out there as possible. Using CRISPR to resurrect the woolly mammoth : Bringing extinct species back from the dead is now on the table thanks to the gene-editing technology. Building a rocket in a garage to take on SpaceX and Blue Origin : Gilmour Space Technologies is a plucky startup in the new space race. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.