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With danger threatening at every turn, Rachel needs to get to the bottom of this mystery before someone else is killed. She is putting herself in danger. Could she be the next victim? A good, clean murder mystery with lots of red herrings. You don't have to like cruising to enjoy this book but if you do you might get a double dollop of pleasure. A great debut novel by an emerging talent. Liz A perfect vacation read - like a Mary Higgins Clark book A well researched, well written, very entertaining read It would make a great tv series or film The story kept me guessing Brigitta Brilliant! Loved the medical insights on a cruise ship too.

Best book I've read in a long time! Had to keep reading to see who the killer was. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details A Rachel Prince Mystery 1. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Cruise to Murder , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

This seems intended as a G-rated, vaguely "Christian" title; early in the novel one "slutty" male character is presented as a ham-handed example of a Bad Person, while the protagonist's faith for lack of better term is highlighted. This approach falls by the wayside, but made a negative impression on me. Story is told from multiple points of view, which works in terms of giving knowledge our heroine couldn't possess, though in some cases I found it distracting. The mystery itself will likely fr This seems intended as a G-rated, vaguely "Christian" title; early in the novel one "slutty" male character is presented as a ham-handed example of a Bad Person, while the protagonist's faith for lack of better term is highlighted.

The mystery itself will likely frustrate readers as, sorry for the semi-spoiler, the person is not anyone who can be guessed ahead of time. I'd say the target audience would be folks looking for a gentle "clean" adventure. I didn't really care for any of the characters, other than the old Lady, so doubt I'd read a sequel.

Verdict here: so-so, filled time, nothing more. Audio narration was a good fit. Oct 28, Lin rated it really liked it. Having recently experienced my first ever cruise, I was attracted to the idea of a murder mystery story set on a cruise liner. I found the details of the ship fascinating, especially the behind-the-scenes stuff, and enjoyed this tale. It was a little predictable in places, and it seemed to give a lot of background information before getting to the main story, but all in all it was a fun read, and a promising start to a new series.

I'd be interested in reading more. Rachel made an interesting mai Having recently experienced my first ever cruise, I was attracted to the idea of a murder mystery story set on a cruise liner. Rachel made an interesting main character, there were enough other characters to make it interesting without being confusing, and I enjoyed the journey. Sep 09, C. Kept me engaged from beginning to end. Good suspenseful read. I loved learning about travel on a cruise through this book.

So much fascinating information, and I am anxious to read book 2, and seek out other books about cruising. I also enjoyed the twists and turns in the story, and loved the three main characters. Jul 07, Diana Febry rated it it was amazing. I generally prefer my reads more gritty than this one but I thoroughly enjoyed this cosy mystery. Although Rachel Prince is a policewoman the book read far more like a cosy mystery than a detective mystery. Jilted by her fiance, Rachel agrees to spend a week relaxing on the cruise ship her friend Sarah works.

On board the ship is a wealthy widow and a professional contract killer. Rachel's suspicions are raised and puts her in danger. The book is well written with a lovely even flow. The suspense I generally prefer my reads more gritty than this one but I thoroughly enjoyed this cosy mystery. The suspense and intrigue grow as the story progresses. A few red herrings are thrown into the mix to keep the reader guessing along the way. Nov 06, Sandra Jackson rated it liked it Shelves: mystery.

While on board Rachel befriends newly widowed passenger, Marjorie Snellthorpe and finds herself attracted to Carlos, a mysterious passenger. But who is he and who hired him? And because of that I did not feel any sense of surprise or I-never-saw-that-one-coming. The story itself is interesting and well-written in that there are few grammatical errors and typos.

May 15, Lucretia rated it it was amazing. I really love mysteries. After having written for a cozy mystery review blog for several years, it'd be fair to say I've read hundreds of mysteries. Many are quite formulaic, so I was pleasantly surprised when this one didn't start with a dead body. I enjoyed that as I met new characters I was wondering, will they be dead or will they be killers. The setting was fun for me. I've never been on a cruise ship so it was neat to not only get a rich detailing of the setting but since Rachel's friend w I really love mysteries. I've never been on a cruise ship so it was neat to not only get a rich detailing of the setting but since Rachel's friend was a nurse on the ship, I got to see what it was like from a behind the scenes perspective.

There were a few different POVs that gave glimpses from other eyes though mostly we were with Rachel, who is a great sleuth. The climax was satisfying and I look forward to reading more in the series. Jul 29, Lisa Hofmann rated it really liked it. I liked this neat little whodunnit because it kept had me guessing and I liked the setting, which was a cruise ship. All the pieces of the puzzle were there, all the characters were well introduced and we got to see as many as necessary takes on the situation. At times, I would have preferred a faster pacing, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Enjoyable for anyone who likes a cozy mystery with an international flair for a summer holiday read. Oct 23, Susan Angela Wallace rated it it was amazing. A cruise to Murder by Dawn Brooke's. Her best friend, Sarah suggests she needs a break and invites Rachel to join her on the cruise ship where she works as a nurse. It should have been the ideal getaway but there is a murderer on the loose. Rachel befriends a bereaved, elderly woman but it's not long before she is convinced that something sinister is going on around the old lady.

There is myste A cruise to Murder by Dawn Brooke's. There is mystery and threat surrounding her new friend, Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe. Who is the secretive Carlos and why does he seem to be watching Lady Snellthorpe? As she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to him she is sure stress is causing her to imagine things. Has her broken engagement clouded her judgement? Events unfold that cause her to doubt herself and when one of the passengers meets with, what appears to be a tragic accident, the doubts multiply.

In the hours after the queen's death, much will depend on the manner of her passing.

Rachel tries her best to relax and enjoy her holiday with her friend but there seems to be danger around every corner. Is Marjorie in danger? Can Rachel solve the mystery even when she is in danger herself? This was a very enjoyable read.

In defense of Queen Coral..

I liked some of the characters. Some characters I didn't like. I thought I knew who it was but what a twister. I didn't see that coming. I loved the ending too. Can't wait to read the next book. I listened to the audio version of this book. I have read several cozy mysteries and this one is pretty good. The author started the story out by introducing the different characters and I had no idea where the story was going. She developed the background and the interaction of the characters well before the mystery part came into play.

After the death of a character occurred, Ms. Brookes did a good job of leading the reader on in order to make you feel like you had figured out who had "dun-it" I listened to the audio version of this book. Brookes did a good job of leading the reader on in order to make you feel like you had figured out who had "dun-it".

Murder on the Coral Queen

Of course, if you think you've figured it out, you're bound to be wrong. I certainly was! There was lots of mystery to go around in the plot.

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The characters were likable and felt real. The author also did a great job giving the reader a little insight into life on a cruise ship, both from the passenger and from the cruise personnel's point of view. There were British words and phrases that threw this American reader off a few times, but the book was a lot of fun and kept my attention.

A very fun cozy mystery indeed! Tea anyone? Oct 21, Terry TBC rated it it was amazing. Audiobook review This was a fun listen. Guilty looking people, following clues. Yes a murder in the middle but it was a fun listen with everything going on in the story. Nov 02, Ellie Shepherd rated it really liked it. Easy listening, a pleasant story, different to my usual story lines. Overall I liked it but wasn't keen on the narrator. Oct 17, Sandra Leivesley rated it really liked it Shelves: tbc. During the cruise there are several strange incidents, culminating in a murder, and Rachel's detective skills are put to the test.

This is a delightful, fun murder mystery. There are a few red herrings thrown in the mix which kept me guessing, and the ending was satisfying. I've never been on a cruise but Dawn Brookes described life on board the ship very well, and there were some nice descriptions of the places visited on the excursions.

I usually prefer a more gritty thriller, but sometimes it's good to have a change and I thoroughly enjoyed this. I believe this is part of a series and I would definitely read the other books, especially if I decide to take a cruise! Oct 28, Kamini Mehta rated it really liked it. A little bit reminiscent of Nancy Drew, I enjoyed the story, the characters and the setting. Light reading, not as dark as a lot of modern mysteries. Jun 21, Sue Dundon rated it it was amazing. Loved this book could not put it down loved the characters and not knowing what was going to happen next Great read.

May 21, Marianne Reese rated it really liked it. Escaping the depression of a failed relationship by taking a holiday on a cruise ship turns out to be more than a trip of leisure and fun for Rachael. Her police training sets her imagination on edge after several unexplainable incidents occur around her. With a killer on the loose, Rachael is determined to do what she was trained to do, protect and serve. There is plenty of mystery woven into this story, and it Escaping the depression of a failed relationship by taking a holiday on a cruise ship turns out to be more than a trip of leisure and fun for Rachael.

There is plenty of mystery woven into this story, and it moves at a decent pace. The author does a good job describing events and excursions while on a cruise. Overall, it was a good read with plenty of action. May 16, Alex Bailey rated it it was amazing. Preparing for an upcoming Mediterranean cruise, I saw this book and thought it was absolutely perfect for a pre-cruise read. I thoroughly enjoyed this as my getting-ready-to-sail story!

May 25, R. Graham rated it it was amazing. Boy, was I surprised! Halfway through this story I was sure I knew who the killer was, and who had hired him Five well-earned stars to Dawn Brookes for a well-researched, well-written, very entertaining read. The chaos will cost the UK economy billions in lost earnings.

The stock markets and banks are likely to close. But to focus on the financial disruption doesn't begin to describe the sheer magnitude of the queen's death. There will be trivial disruptions — the BBC will cancel all comedy shows, for example — and jarring cultural changes. Prince Charles may change his name, and the words of the national anthem will be changed too. The British Commonwealth might even unravel completely. The deaths of Princess Diana and the queen mother both brought on waves of public mourning and hysteria.

But that of Queen Elizabeth II, due to her longevity and fundamental place atop British society, will be on a whole new level.

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Most British people have simply never known life without the queen. If the death is expected say, from a long illness , then detailed plans will have been put in place for handling and announcing it. These plans are already being made. Inside Buckingham Palace, arrangements for after the queen's passing and the subsequent succession are known as the "Bridge. This is what happened when Princess Diana died following a car crash in Paris in The royal court has a staff hotline for distributing news and instructions to employees in the event of occasions like this. Many of the details in this story were provided to Business Insider by a former staff member of the palace.

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The other independent channels won't be obligated to interrupt their regular programming, but they almost certainly will. According to The Daily Beast , if her death were to happen overnight, it would be announced at 8 a. The BBC News anchor Peter Sissons was heavily criticised for wearing a red tie to announce the queen mother's passing , and the BBC now keeps black ties and suits at the ready at all times. BBC presenters run drills in which they're required to make sudden "spoof" announcements that are never broadcast.

In , a BBC journalist who didn't realize a rehearsal was going on tweeted that the queen had died — on the same day she was visiting a hospital, no less — and the "news" was subsequently picked up by foreign outlets. The first stated that the Queen was being treated in hospital, the second stated that the Queen had died; the tweets included a link to BBC World's official Twitter feed.

The last death of a monarch was in , and the BBC stopped all comedy programs for a period of mourning after the announcement. CNN has prerecorded packages on the queen's life ready to be aired at a moment's notice, we're told — and so does every other major news channel. The London Stock Exchange is likely to close if the announcement happens during working hours, and other businesses may too.

The protocols government bodies will follow will emanate from the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport though they may also originate from the palace. The immediate official government response — beyond the expected statements of condolences — will be hard to predict, the former palace employee we spoke to said. The last death of a monarch was in ; procedures that seemed apt then may be woefully antiquated in the 21st century. Mourners wore black armbands to show respect for King George VI , for example, but would similar public displays of mourning be employed today?

It's impossible to know until it happens. Flags will be flown at half-mast until 8 a. Churches may also toll their bells either on the day of the death or the day after. Whatever happens formally, the shock on the day of the queen's passing will see Britain effectively cease to function. The day of the funeral, about two weeks later, will be declared a bank holiday, but shell-shocked mourning will continue throughout this time. Given the queen's international significance, her death will almost certainly be the top news story across the entire world.

It's likely to trend globally on social media. After all, Britain has a massive overseas presence — through its embassies, its former colonies and the Commonwealth which swears loyalty to the crown , and, more informally, any country where English is spoken. The British Empire once covered a quarter of the Earth's landmass, and for a brief, surreal period it is likely to feel as if the empire still exists, as all its former subjects will turn toward Britain for the news. A former ambassador we spoke to said that what would happen overseas would depend on the manner of the queen's passing.

If it has long been expected, there will be detailed plans and procedures in place. If it's sudden, overseas posts will look to the Foreign Office for urgent guidance. A few things will definitely happen overseas. Social functions will be cancelled. The Union Flag will be flown at half-mast until after the funeral; this will also happen in the UK. Officials will enter a period of mourning and dress appropriately. Condolence books will be prepared for visitors to leave messages.

But the ambassador also stressed that there is a lot of uncertainty about what will actually happen. It has been more than 60 years since a monarch died. Society has changed a huge amount in that time. Once most staff members are out the way and the public tourist attractions are closed, an Accession Council will be held at St. James's Palace to formally declare the successor: Prince Charles, barring any unforeseen circumstances. The Accession Council will be attended by privy councillors, lords, the lord mayor of the city of London, and high commissioners of certain Commonwealth countries, among others.

This council is not required, however, to make Queen Elizabeth II's successor "official," as Charles will become the monarch from the moment of her passing. There is never not a sovereign on the throne. This is also why the Royal Standard is never flown at half-mast, unlike the Union Flag.

At the council, the new monarch presumably Charles will swear loyalty to Parliament and to the Church of England. He will also become the new supreme governor of the church. Catholics cannot ascend to the throne. The council will also make a Proclamation of Accession to be read on Proclamation Day, soon after the death, in London, Edinburgh, Windsor, York, and other towns and villages throughout the country.

This was the most recent proclamation, from when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne:. Both houses of Parliament will sit, or be recalled if necessary. Members will have the opportunity to take a new oath of allegiance to the new monarch. All members of Parliament must swear allegiance to the present monarch, though some republican MPs might cross their fingers when making the year-old oath.

Members of both houses will also present addresses of condolences and loyalty to the new sovereign, a House of Lords representative told me, in a format that is yet to be determined. After this, both houses will be suspended until after the official state funeral. Upon ascending to the throne, royals may pick their regnal name from any of their Christian or middle names.

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Arthur Bousfield and Garry Toffoli wrote that when Queen Elizabeth II was asked what she wanted her regnal name to be, she said, "My own of course — what else? It's also worth discussing the possibility of the crown "leapfrogging" Charles in favour of his son William, a possibility that has repeatedly been discussed in the media. This would cause a constitutional crisis and definitely will not happen. William himself has said there is "no question" of it happening. Instead, William will become the new Prince of Wales, Charles' current role.

Charles has waited and prepared for this job for his entire life.

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And his mother's longevity means he's no longer young either — he will be at least 69 when he takes the throne, past the British age of retirement. What a thing to suggest! Yes of course I am," he said in I shall have snuffed it if I'm not careful. As these discussions are ongoing, the queen's coffin will be prepared to lie in state — that is, to be presented for public viewing so people can pay their respects.

The queen's body will lie in state in Westminster Hall. There will be a short ceremony to mark the coffin's arrival, after which people will be able to file past and pay their respects. The hall will be open all but a single hour a day, the representative said.