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The next day is the same, and the one after that. It has to be NOW. Each day, we writers need to wrestle old Devil Time down and make it do our bidding. Looking at this clock is a reminder that writers are also time warriors. Purchase link via Cafe Press. But first, I need an actual office. Purchase link via Uncommon Goods. Plus, we also like warm feet. I therefore covet this foot covering. Purchase link via Amazon. Purchase link via Not on the High Street. Better than a hoverboard! Purchase link via Literature and Latte.

The creative process is never a straight line. Purchase Link via Society6. So go take a peek! Will it make a worthwhile story? I thought the idea would be my only flash and I had to grab it while it was glowing. I let the idea sit in my brain for a while. Bouncing off brain cells, colliding with other unused ideas. After the initial incubation period, the first thing I consciously imagine is what might go on the cover.

Will that cover stand out in the book store? Will a child make a beeline to my book? I think about the OTHER covers that are also calling to that kid—with race cars and ballerinas and pandas and monsters. I know I need to add something else. It may be a few days, weeks or even months after the initial strike of lightning.

You find a couple pieces that together make up the balloon in the puzzle. Or the birthday cake. I may begin jotting down a repetitive refrain that I want to be after certain page turns.

I may go straight to the climactic scene. Sometimes, I even begin at the end. The next piece? Then a scene came to mind. But how? And why? These were the puzzle pieces I had yet to find. But as the few pieces I did have clicked together, the full vision of the story began taking shape. This is just something that often works for me. My real advice is not everything you read above but rather this: find what works for you. You can only discover it by seeking out ideas, examining them and, finally, writing. It may take months and years to find what grooves for you. Your voice is uniquely you and so is the method you employ to get that voice out there.

And then, write. The PiBo-Pledge is now closed and next week I will begin picking winners. Stay tuned! Please be aware that you must nominate an actual blog POST written this year for the nomination to count. Congratulations, PiBoIdMo participants. You made it! Give yourselves a round of applause before reflecting on your endeavor—to generate a bunch of new ideas for picture books, the greatest medium ever! Could there BE a greater privilege? You are contributing to the literacy of the planet.

You are reinforcing a loving bond between parent and child. And, in the simplest of terms, and no less important, you are delighting a child. There is something I have to get off my chest. Sometimes children have terrible taste! There are some books that I never would have published in a million years. Bad writing, rotten plot, poor rhyme and meter, hideous illustrations.

** HiChristina! CALENDAR **

Who am I to judge? Actually, I am one to judge whether books get published or not. And as such, I have a few tips to offer up. So throw in a twist or two or three to surprise the editor and, we hope, the eventual reader. Have more than just a good idea—respect the craft. Show your fascination with language. Ignite this fascination in others. Make the words sing. Aim to make the grown-up reading your book aloud seem like the most talented storyteller ever! You can, initially, fill your manuscript with every idea you had to reflect the story in your brain.

Then either you or the editor will likely need to take some words out. Both text and art need breathing room. Where the Wild Things Are and Olivia are two great examples of picture books that have subtext flowing beneath the minimalist words. Give the reader moments of discovery, moments of participation. Great art considers the collaborator. Your collaborators are the editor, the illustrator, and, ultimately, the eyes and the mind of the reader.

Lastly, have fun! I hope you have as much fun generating your own ideas as you do when you are reading the picture books that inspire you. The more inspired you are, the greater chance that your inspiration and delight will reach across the space between book and reader and fill him or her right up. Heidi also writes picture books and beginning readers, and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family. This prize will be given away at the conclusion of PiBoIdMo.

You will be eligible for this prize if:. But taking them and making something out of them? That was another story figuratively. How do you take an idea from concept to completion? So, setup your sides. Build your box. Craft your story! Try this. Go through your ideas. Take one that jumps out at you first ideas who are excited are the most fun to work with or the one that you have the most questions about.

Now set a timer for 7 minutes, press start, and brainstorm. What words come to mind? What feelings? Jot these down during the 7 focused minutes. The first time you do this, your brain might go blank, distracted by the time. Being crushed by the pressure of the clock. If or when that happens, set the time for 3 minutes What?!?! Get those thoughts out of the way to make room for more productive ones. It will get easier to use the time limit to instigate inspiration.

You might want to give yourself a few 7 minute sessions to explore the story your idea is forming. Then bounce and share these thoughts with someone else collaboration is another important key to creativity. You never know what might spark! Create false alibis with other guests, use 'weapons' like the poisoned red wig, or the collapsible dagger, or the candlestick! It's everything fun about murder and the 70s mixed in a cauldron of bright colors, black boots, and eyeshadow. And most refreshing: tonight rather than being yourself you can be someone totally different.

Experience the glamor and success it usually takes a lifetime to accumulate in one night! RSVP for your role right out of lifestyles for the rich or supernatural and famous. Columbo's heyday was the s so think retro, or go goth if you're into the vampire aspect, and come ready for fun and good food specials!

Strike up a conversation and discover that something unexpected is going on! A: "What do you do? How about you? Categories include: Light, Costume, Action, Style, and more! Fill out your card, slip it under the door, and receive your ticket and entry instructions. Step out of reality for a moment and into the room of delight. The fun never stops at HiChristina, it just evolves into something even more fun! Saturday, April 30th Messages From the Future at Brown University The future holds endless possibilities but the imagining of the future is usually very specific. There is the future of the 50s, rounded, bubbly, with sleek lines and smoothed edges--a kind of happy communist bloc.

The future of the 60s is mulitcultural, a voyage into the unknown. The future of the 70s was the present of the 70s: disco. There is the future of the 80s, dark, dripping, with monsters, where the line between machine and person is fuzzy and moving, There is the future of the 90s with clones, drones, and cgi-scapes. So far the twenty-tens don't have a future, or at least the conventions of this future aren't worn in yet, the groove hasn't been dug deep.

Today we step into the booth and jump far into the future, and from this distant place we look back and comment on the present, we give advice, we observe, and we Oh and we show off our new technological inventions this is where magic cloud comes in! Of course. Wednesday, April 27th HiChristina! This is a private event.

If you'd like HiChristina for your party or event, write fritzandchristina-at-gmail. Design by Christina Ewald. Though the masked figures appear to have been elderly theater majors: here. Monday, April 25th 8pmpm HiChristina! What do you get when you take one pair of solid gold leggings, sprinkle sequins, add a slab of mustache, two pinches buffon hairdo, a dash of smile, lace with wit, and let roast for 90 minutes uncovered? Fritz Donnelly huzah!

Part cinematic chomp, part live romp, part concert, part post-apocalyptic release: hear interviews, see sketches, nod to the live music, dance in the spotlight, or volunteer to jump up on stage for the 'natural actor' portion of the show. Later BK is everything Christina and Fritz and Josh and Dennis et al can make it plus a bunch of other amazing people with beards and bangs and oh yes tassels too! Friday, April 15th 10pm HiChristina! It's an amazing time to be alive Revolution, wigs, disaster, latex and taco trucks! Well, Find out the answer tonight at HiChristina! Fritz and Christina are taking you from 'interpretive dance interpreter' to 'sex standing up' through 'revolutions in everyday life' to 'how to be a casual scientist' and 'make money while just sitting there!

After each three presentations there's a brief question and answer session where you can learn and be learned! Come with a five minute lecture up your sleeve spontaneous submissions accepted, or write us to be put on the roster. If being the pupil is your cup of tea just come ready to get schooled! With a garden out back, drinks and food, there's no telling what insightful, hilarious or downright bizarre goodies you'll be soaking up tonight! Hosted by your own Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly. It's that and the friendly tomatoes happening tonight in this HiChristina homage to April Fools pranks, stunts, and triumphs!

Minor Arcana, Brooklyn. Don't mind if I do! Fritz and Christina are out of the editing studio tonight and ready to take you through every color of the RAINBOW, one at a time, each having it's own theme, special performance and eclectic action! Jump up and get crazy with RED bultler's anger management dance technique Or lie down, cool off and listen to the lapping waves with BLUE penguin. And there are so many more colors than that! What about the ballpoint pen? Well, that's one of the most exciting parts!

See and act in if you like short renditions of major and obscure works of art. Guests are invited to bring something special. And that's not all There will be new friendly fun-makers to meet and a chance to get a massage by the infamous Mr. Just four short months ago HiChristina! Come pick up your Christina Ewald designed t-shirt your know who you are You'll enjoy yourself tonight.

From the marble lobby to the secret elevator to the luxurious leather couches to the expansive terrace, only the best for YOU! Because we like you, that's why! Saturday, January 22, 8pm - 11pm It's Everyone's Birthday! Is it your birthday? Was it? Will it be yet? Us too! Tonight celebrate birthdays near and far at this music-filled, balloon-busting, kazoo-lovin' paradise. What is that you say? Along with birthday madness you'd also like to hear live 90's music played by an all girl cover band band? You want to dance, dance, dance then jump in and out of HiChristina parlour games AND get lifted oh so high in our human powered jungle gym?

Well, that's exactly what's going to happen tonight!! Break out of the winter chills and join us for 3 hours of birthday madness! There is a secret bar, magical dance floor and Fritz and Christina will be dressed up as green beans and toast all set in the crispiest loft in Dumbo. Do join us Musical performance by No Ambition and a special levitation for Jennifer Armstrong! What if you kept standing there and instead of checking your phone or asking directions This year HiChristina is embarking on it's largest and most extravagant performance event to kick off the new year in the right spirit.

You'll be standing on the corner holding hands simultaneously with people in Beijing, London, Johannesburg, and Tokyo. Wear a red scarf or red handkerchief or a red flower or hat. Walk to the corner of 18th St. Just look, silently. Stand on the sunny side of the street! Hold hands with anyone else at the performance, any stranger in a red scarf. Watch together without speaking. Last year a Full-size Panda showed up and held down the corner along with dozens of other loving and silent strangers, this year who knows what will happen.

Join the world along with HiChristina in celebrating the start of This is not hug a stranger, this is not art everywhere, this is whimsical love and more refreshing than coconut water. If you're performing love corners in your own city, at call the toll-free HiChristina hotline and tell us what your experience is like: Christina recommends going to a nearby tavern or cafe and sharing a hot drink with your new found red scarved friends. Document however you'd like, camera phone, post-it note, crumpled underwear, your choice. Give an inappropriate toast, hit on the groomsmen, be one of the brides, take pictures, wear your most fabulous ridiculous colorful fancy outfit ever and be immortalized in I LIKE YOU, the HiChristina movie!

Wouldn't it be great if you could combine all the traits of your favorite lovers in one mate? Come ready to take on the role that's right for you OR be a fabulously dressed wedding guest and then There will be multiple cameras and super pros mixing all the delightful tidbits, dance moves, and bon mots together. We want you and we want you on film. Be in the HiChristina full length movie! We're ready to transport you away on peals of jubilant fun. Lights, camera Sunday, December 19, 9pm - midnight HiChristina Backstage pass! We'll dress you up, jump onto the stage with us.

Enjoy free beverages for an hour and free flow of fun all night! There are roles for body guards, fans, backup dancers, flashy photographers, and even break out soloists. Whether you want to get on stage for the first time ever, lurk in the shadows, or push forward a budding entertainment career HiChristina has a place for you. Everyone is part of the performance tonight and the audience will never know what hit them. RSVP: rxapparel gmail. Bring a fruit that starts with 'p' or come as you are and take a bite! Meet new people and then experience intermittent performances throughout the night.

Sit back, relax and enjoy while our HiChristina 7 minute slam-bam-bi-bim-pop performances knocks your socks off! And YES! You can sign up to perform too! Bring your sharp wit, guitar, contortionist outfit or whatever it is you're working on at the moment and SHARE it with your newly found friends! It's one part social hour, one part variety show and all parts yummy treats tonight at HiChristina!

On Wednesday, December 15th meet an entirely new social network! Do they assume that because you two are "Old Pals" that they can take advantage of you yet not even call on your birthday? With chocolate and tea provided by the darling Alisha Trimble! Join Fritz and Christina again this year, as we moon from one 'Holiday Party' to another.

We won't be thrown out but we're not exactly what they were expecting either. From accountants to artists, to barons and punks, we'll be meeting professionals in all forms and fields during our tour-de-soiree. This year will be filled with holiday cheer and endless fun! First, we will convene at a secret location meeting our new "co-workers" in the collectively decided upon "company. Now we're off to a series of holiday parties! Friday November 19, 10pm to midnight! Ohhh,,, Ahhhh!!! Make your pledge HERE and come party with us tonight!

Get a mani-pedi while playing a part of the HiChristina opus "I Like You" while feeding live monkeys!!! We have stadium seating if you want to watch from behind the camera. No- you don't have to be an professional actor-- just be yourself but do put on a bizarre mish-mashed outfit Don't forget to feed the animals at the live human primate exhibit with special guest monkeys too! I know, it seems like "Whoa, this is too good to be true. Dress Code: Really Colorful Clothing, no white! Outrageous mix-n-match! Rustle up the downy feathers and turn on the air blower, the HiChristina Variety Show is back!

King, The J. Join us in a special new HiChristina winter location in the East Village! See a combination of planned and spontaneous performance. Each performer has up to 7 minutes to wazzle and bedazzle the friendliest audience in New York City. At HiChristina tonight we're all going all the way! Bring a piece or two, we'll have a bunch of stuff also, and together we'll build a giant COSTUME that we all wear and then we'll bust out into the streets and traipse through the downtown Halloween parties.

We will be meeting up in the East Village. BYOB in brown paper bag! RSVP fritzandchristina gmail. Act, crew, animate, or pour dry ice with us on the set of the new HiChristina feature film! You may have noticed we haven't had as many events as usual this month, now you know why. We'd love to feature the beautiful HiChristinians in this fun advenurous project. At various locations in Williamsburg, the LES, midtown, and the upper west. Sunday October 24, 11pm - 2am HiChristina Spins! Christina is taking her record collection to the outskirts of an unhemmed dress tonight to put the flip back in your hairlip!

Come dance to the music. Have you ever gone to the doctor for a cold and realized there was something ELSE that you wanted to get to the bottom of? Tonight HiChristina takes you there! Make up a Mysterious Condition or draw one from the hat and take a seat among the group.

Giveaway: If You Plan to Plan, You Plan Well!

Wash or spray dry or seek protection under the elephant tarp! We like you and would love to see you tonight. FREE but give our film your support on Kickstarter! Wednesday October 13 - 17 not too late HiChristina Casting Call Fritz has written the script and we'd like you to bring it to life! Come see us tonight and try on some different parts on for size. At a studio in Williamsburg near the Bedford L. Email or call to get in the picture! All calendar dates are arbitrary but when a once in a lifetime calendar date rolls down the time line, it's time to hook in and go for a wild ride!

Usher in your own personal new era with HiChristina tonight!

My New Year's Resolution 2019 - Doodles by Sarah

Wear patterened clothing or come as you are to dance out the final momements of the era known as 10 10 20 10 and welcome in a whole new era for yourself! What is the significance of this cosmic moment? Discover that tonight. The universe is full of strange puzzles and tonight we're solving one of them! Christina throws down the grooves while you throw your clothes in the air: plaids, loud colors, and funky patterns are in order! It's half past funky o'clock tonight at this post-hipster hot spot!

Rachet up the funk on those tubular tires as roadster racing peels out in a new aquatic environment! Does it sound too good to be true, too goo to be true, or too odd to make sense? Let me tell you there's more to lick around here than the big cube of salt you'll find tonight. Swimsuit optional: in this pool wear anything as long as it gets wet! Check back for exact time and location. Tickets and more information here. Live sound FX conducted by Dr. Play in the soundtrack orchestra, walk the catwalk, win the face massage, and kick your shoes in the air, all in reverse order at this HiChristina homecoming tonight!

Post-burning man? Postal service! Get your priorites delivered here tonight, HiChristina-style! If you don't have any of these, or are coming straight from work and have forgotten to pack you 's bodysuit- Stay Calm. Simply turn your clothes inside-out or upside-down! September 6, Labor Day 8pm! Did you know before they opened Manhattan Inn and pre Glasslands, Brooke wrote poetry and Rolyn break danced? Microdance with HiChristina tonight! HiChristina finally brings together hot bikini clad dance party and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

Tonight we dance All these perfect elements coalesce into the most magnificent cheese filled, bathing suit wearing, fake tanning night you've ever had, and no doubt will ever have. Featuring DJ Glitter Girls! Fritz and Christina are takin' it back.. Tonight at HiChristina play all your favorite childhood board games You're the doctor collecting all your pay in life- sized Operation as you remove the wishbone from a strangers stomach, don't touch any other part or the buzzer goes off, ouch! Your Princess Lolly trying to make it through the Candy Land maze, oops don't slip down that scary slide into Gloppy the Molasses Monster's hideout, yikes!

You sunk my battleship! Friday, July 23 9pm Creationizm : The Good Comic Book At prior Creationizm events we've written a novel in one hour, group painted a huge canvas, created a multimedia installation Something that takes a year to do we will do in just two short hours tonight at HiChristina! Get all the satisfaction of a major accomplishment with twice the fun and none of the stress. Can't draw? Come up with character dialogue or make action comic poses. There's a role for everyone tonight!

Thursday, July 22 9pm HiChristina! Open Stage mic Boogie woogie is the play today at HiChristina! It's a combination of planned performances and spontaneous entrants tonight, each performer has 7 minutes to set their wings afire and light the night. Meet the friendliest most eccentric audience in New York while hostess Christina Ewald soothes and smoothes and improves. We first met him at HiChristina while he was wearing a prosthetic vagina. He has a pair of striped 'puppet' pants that pull themselves down with the use of pulleys and string, his paintings are motorized, his poetry is spontaneous and hilarious.

And on top of it all, because of it all, and despite living simultaneously in Staten Island, Chinatown, the Upper Westside and Bushwick tri costal , Patrick is a skillful and inspiring painter. Come see Patrick's new work tonight at HiChristina and get ready for friendly plastic body part molding, interpretive dance, and some live portraits by The Mangina himself. Dress up as a cartoon or a painting and get special attention! Also participate in group painting and magical cut out exercises. On the other side of the tape, Christina and Fritz have created a living installation with lots of ready-made experiences.

Choose a chair: the massage block, the hair cut stool, the confessional curtain, a tv-channel surfing chair, a get-served-a-drink chair, an exercise corner, and other stools for the bold or curious Enter the room and peer from afar or don one of several different hats and cross through the looking glass! Be a servant, a piece of furniture, an uncle, a best friend, a grandma, or invisible: put on the hat with the role that fits your mood at the moment.

Trade hats with new friends. Welcome to the fun- a surreal playhouse with Christina and Fritz. Christina wears the kitchen utensils while Fritz is in rainbow sparkler blue. A docent will be prepared to answer questions and point out interesting features. Experience life as Christina and Fritz- all sequins, all the time! An old-fashioned art opening from and mashed up!

Wear your petticoats, your civil war mustache, your luscious swimsuit and your bag dress mumu cocktail number nine! Color snapshots taken each day for a year on disposable cameras battle with cool black and white studied portraits of zen monks and street people. Dance on one wall and get enlightened on the other. Expect a short guided meditation intermezzio. Get crazy and then suddenly relax tonight at HiChristina! Experience the mixer of a lifetime complete with social games from and dance tips from !

Extra points for s or s attire. Thursday, July 8 9pm HiChristina! Open Stage mic Join us at the HiChristina spectacular tonight, let the thousand schools flourish! So said Confucius and so say we all. Each performer has 7 minutes to shower the audience in silver bubbles. Hosted by Christina herself! With a water drinking contest between Fritz and The Trees. Sunday, June 27 7pm HiChristina! We are incredibly excited to announce to you our first ever Disguise Ball Fundraiser Gala! Christina and Fritz are working around the clock to make each and every one of our gala guests hand-made outrageous masks and disguises!

Walk in the door and be given a disguise to perfectly accent special traits of your personality! The evening starts with two-for-one drinks to die for in the fabulous Dixon Place Lounge. Then get paparazzi pictures in the bubble shower with Christina and Fritz in your new disguise and a smooth as butta transition into a snip-snappy hour of HiChristina!

The evening concludes with a fast-talking, country-style auction of works by "Friends of HiChristina! Don your new disguise, dance the strange jig, drink the tasty drink and be a part of the excitement as HiChristina takes us all up up and away! Come Play With Us! Come as you are or dress in your fanciest or strangest ballroom and disguise attire!!

Thursday, June 24 9pm HiChristina! Take me on an airplane. Twist me in a bottle. Roll me in a blanket. Tonight sign up and take 7 minutes to do anyting! Transport us to strange and magical lands. The Variety Show with muscle building and mental relaxation, hosted by our very own Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly. There will be aerial performers, Smokey the Bear, campfires pyrotechnics or light works , body painters, stilts, lots of other stuff and of course HiChristina's invention: Marshmallow Dancers! HiChristina wants you to be a marshmallow! Don, decorate, and dance in these giant fuzzy costumes of all marshmallow shapes, colors and sizes that we will provide.

Be a big squishy star tonight and experience all the fun and tumble of the HiChristina interactive performance under the umbrella of the organizers of the Night Market. Bring attention to these disasters of human judgment and show how easy it is to turn them into a party instead. Tonight at HiChristina let us re-write history's gnarliest atrocities by transforming them into radical waves of disco dancing delight!

It's one part history lesson and fourteen parts dance party! Dance the night away with made-up dance moves by the Master Blaster himself "Unleaded" and learn something while you're at it! Thursday, June 17 9pm Creationizm: Advent of Cinema! Previously at Creationizm: we wrote a novel in an hour, we painted a giant Jackson-Pollacky group painting in an hour tonight at HiChristina we are creating an entire feature film! It usually takes years of pre-production, months of shooting, and even more months of editing to turn out an amazing and exciting film, tonight at HiChristina we're going to do the whole thing in just 2 hours!!!

Bring a camera if you'd like and a cord so that we can collect the footage into one place. But if you don't have the tech, no sweat, there will be plenty provided! Everyone has a rotating role tonight at HiChristina: insane writers, hilarious directors, crazy producers, needy actors and shiny special effects. Costumes and lots of fun stuff plus two surprise shooting locations all provided! Walk in with suspenders of disbelief and leave with a film under your belt! Sunday, June 13 5pm Sing-a-long Yoga! Wear those tattered leggings, or that worn paper-thin shirt, or a pair of boys underwear and waltz over to HiChristina!

Amy Uzi art star par excellence and felxomatic yoga impresario leads you through the motions and stretches your vocal chords while you're at it. Can't sing but have been afraid to ask? Can sing and want to dazzle-schmazzle? This is the stretch for you, and not a stretch, an easy glide. Sweat to the beats at this sing-a-long yoga class. The lion roars! Ruthie shows you special positions from the kama sutra After yoga special performance by Moist Towlette! All you need to participate is a rule from any game you like. For example, you can't walk unless you bounce the ball--Basketball.

Or A straight beats a flush--Poker. Or, each person has 60 seconds to talk to their partner-Speed Dating. We'll combine all the rules into one great game with halftime, commercials, background feel good stories, and the whole 9 yards! We know you were the best pickoleeno player in your college league, now it's time for the big league chew! Play and help make up the rules to this wild conglomeration of pastime sports. The game will be filmed with two action cameras and shown at a future HiChristina event: Watch the Big Game.

This event takes place at HiChristina and a park nearby. RSVP: fritzandchristina-at-gmail. Save by getting tickets online:. Thursday, June 10 9pm HiChristina! Open Stage mic Gargoyles come to life tonight at HiChristina! Sign up or sit back and join us for this popular and bodacious Variety Show!! Tonight at HiChristina sit back and watch the lunacy unfold or siddle up to the stage for your moment of creative bliss.

Each performer has 7 minutes and a friendly audience ready-for-anything! The Live Color Dyer will be on hand to tint your hair-chest and back-of-hand hair highly encouraged. John King calls Ma Bell, Joe Yoga plays a three-man guitar, the funny and fearless Jen P picks up all the guys and rolls them down like dice. Twist balloons, and keep your eyes peeled for 'Grandpa' and other hilarious characters from Brandon Pines. Watch Cherry Bomb drop sequins onto hot pants and climb the heights of go-go dancing.

Finally, keep your ears tuned for spontaneous accapella, and surprise guest horn bands or Post-Modern Applesauce. Hosted by our own Christina Ewald and Fritz Donnelly. Saturday, May 29 4pm-7pm Bike Wash Body Wash Bikini clad workers wash your body and your bike on the sidewalk outside in the sun, with suds and warm water.

Perfect fun for the hot day's sun! Air dry or blow dry or shake-like-a-dog dry. Get washed in paint and put your body on the canvas. Cool off inside in the shade. Leg warmers, arm warmers, head bands and spicy red candies to heat you up. Cool mints to dry you down. And after you're done, hang out and talk about summer vacations past and future. Unsaddle your horses for the crazy prance parade tonight at HiChristina. Join the lineup next to lower east side luminaries, French robots, dazzle dancers, and more. Each performer has seven sumptuous minutes to remake the world in his her or their image.

Acts include funny balloon men, Andy Warhol look-a-likes, hot pants dancas, guitar and tap shoes fellows, tall funny ladies. Hosted by the lovely Christina Ewald herself and spit fire by Fritz Donnelly.

The Ultimate Guide to Early Chapter Book Series

Or just something more to talk about at parties? Rumble down to HiChristina like a giant thunder cloud and hear curiosity-arousing lectures from our distinguished and silly faculty including: Dr. The discussion is moderated by our own Christina Ewald. RSVP to reserve a spot: rxapparel-at-gmail. Saturday, May 15 pm, after 7pm early dance party Bedazzled Yoga Have you always wanted to yoga in a bright green leotard but forgot where you parked your friend's car? That's just how we feel! So tonight we provide the leotard and the amazing and sparkling yoga guide she's covered completely in glitter!

Amy Uzi art star extraordinaire and yoga master-osity will show you a move even more reliable than Echinacea at getting your body going. Open your charkas tonight in a fun costume optional, or bring one, or provided, or improvise, or disguise. Cool down to a screening of two of Fritz Donnelly's fun yoga related films "Yoga-Dance" and the action mafia yoga guru crime flick "Porta! The class ends at 7pm and the dancing begins. Friday, May 14 9pm Creationizm: Believing is Seeing Regardless of experience or 'know-how' step into the HiChristina two-way telephone booth and watch as the master painter within you bursts out and flys forth from the other side.

At the last HiChristina Creationizm event we wrote an entire novel in one hour. Tonight join us to create a monumental work of visual art, a 20 foot long painting!!! The painting will happen in three easy phases from social 'color' mixer, to audio-visual hyper cube exploration, to the finish with sprinkles on top! We paint together, all-at-once, one-at-a-time, in duos and trios, in the dark briefly and under the sun gun.

Tai Chi intermission to live music! This is going to be as wondrous as the painting of the ceiling of the Sistine David La Chapel le! RSVP with something that you stared at recently to fritzandchristina-at-gmail. Storytelling, sing-along aerobics, hair clap, and tongue twisters are among the acts you can expect to see tonight at the HiChristina open mic. Join veteran performers and well-intentioned newbies, political gadflys, and creatures from monster movies. Anything goes, costumes welcome, and each and every performer has 7 minutes to wazzle basel and bedazzle the audience.

Hostess Christina Ewald will turn up your smile and shine the souls of your shoes! Don't worry if mom's out of town, grab one of her dresses or pantsuits, and come as she is! Sideshow performances include, cathartic old lady muggings where the old ladies win! Get a paint-on tan, or a scratch-n-sniff sunburn from our movie magic costume kit! Jones: Junie B. Junie B.

So Does May Junie B. Let's Play: Let's Eat! Reading Level 2 M. Marvin K. May I Please Have a Cookie? Panda: Please, Mr. Panda Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure: Book 1 Mr.

The Ultimate Guide to Early Chapter Book Series

Popper's Penguins Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle: Hello, Mrs. My Weird School Daze: Mr. Granite Is from Another Planet! Sunny Is Funny! My Weird School Daze: Mrs. My Weird School: Mr. Yonkers is Bonkers! Swing, Sloth! National Geographic Readers: Frogs! National Geographic Readers: Slither, Snake!

National Geographic Readers: Snakes! No, David! Now or Never! Oh Say Can You Seed? Oh the Things They Invented! Oh the Thinks You Can Think! Oh, My Ginny Fry! Spanish and English Edition R. Ready, Freddy! Ready, Freddy: Camping Catastrophe! Ready, Freddy: Second Grade Rules! Ready, Freddy: Shark Attack! Say Hello Say Hello to Zorro! Say What? Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholastic First Biographies: Vamos a leer sobre Level 2: Zoo Babies Scholastic Reader!

Animals Scholastic Reader! Scholastic Reader! Mysteries: Scooby-Doo y el robot villano Scooby-Doo! So Scary! So You Want to Be President?

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  • I'll Give You the Sun;

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